Capital Survey FT6

Capital science instruments on a budget

As an experiment, here's an Xc platform built on a freighter hull for economy that retains an arguable role in a survey flotilla. The presence of the (MS) (or a medium shipyard, if desired) helps the ship reach the necessary size to effectively use Xc while keeping maintenance costs low. Enough HS remain for military systems to permit (MNE) fittings for operations in maser nebulae, combat sensors, and shields. Utility systems include a bay for shuttles, several holds for fleet maintenance, and Qv for additional personnel.

Capital Survey-class FT6                                (AC)                         60 HS / 20 TS

[3] S Xca H×4 Qv (Bsb) (MNE)×2 Ya (MS) Qb Qa (Ic×2) (Ic×2) (Ic×2) (Ic×2)  [4/4]

Trg: 1                Def: 0                      Cost: 566.5 / 70.0                                SL 7

13 HTK             S×1

The hull can potentially accept upgrades to Xci / (Icq) at SL18, though much of the utility function is compromised by engine space requirements at that point.